Bush Burning
Ok. So we don't always do the right thing. The thing is, there's a lot of ugly bushes by Merlin's house and they have to be dealt with. The only problem is these bushes, living in a hot climate, retain a lot of moisture and therefore make it difficult to burn. We've tried many techniques but they just won't burn all the way. We always end up taking out the middle at the most. Someday we'll get it right..

airplane fuelmore expensive
grass shavingslots of sweat and labor
pvc glue$2 ?
paper towel rollsfree with purchase of any roll of paper towels
paper towels$1 ?
lamp oil$5 ?
newspaper$2 ?

totaloh my gosh!

  1. Take something that can burn and is soakable. Soak that in gasoline and apply around entire base of bush. Also place this stuff inside the bush, try to cover a lot of area and try more to connect everything.
  2. For more of an effect, douse the whole bush in gasoline. Now make a trail of gasoline from the bush to somewhere else.
  3. Light your end of the trail and watch it crawl to the bush. You may also use a lit spear to have kind of an "olympic torch carrier" feeling (or that orc in Lord of the Rings that ran at the explosives at the base of the wall with a torch in hand).
  4. Cry as you find that your efforts have failed, seeing as how the bush just does not want to burn.
We've actually created a spider trail to a number of bushes to light them all at once. One of our bush flamed about 10-15 feet in the air.

Unfortunately, we haven't taken any pictures of the bush burnings even though we should have. This is because I am an idiot and always forget to bring my camera when I go to visit Merlin. They're coming though, this isn't over..
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