What the fuck is the FHA?
Okay. I know what you're all wondering... "What the FUCK is FHA??" Yeah, everyone asks us that. Try looking it up here. The truth is, no one really knows the true meaning of FHA or its correspondents - I'm not even sure I fully understand it myself. Alright, enough of this bullshit. Let me tell you the full story.

'Twas a long time ago - longer now than it seems - in a funny little place of which you wouldn't think. It all began in our sophomore year of high school. Merlin and I had joined a computer club, but in order to legally remain as an official club we had to do some sort of community service. So we traveled on down to a neighboring elementary school and tried to help the kids in the after-school computer club.

Boy, that was lame. Anyway, to get a special community service recognition thing on our diploma we had to mark down our time and such. We weren't exactly sure what to call the people we helped so we wrote down "FHA", standing for the Future Hackers of America.

And so it began, the legacy of the FHA. We started calling ourselves FHA members and such and added the "Corp." because it made it sound cooler. Even our friends would ask us what the fuck it meant and we would have to act stupid because it's much more fun as a secret.

Wait a minute, if it's such an important secret... WHY IN THE FUCK DID I JUST TELL YOU THE WHOLD FUCKING STORY?!?! Well, I wanted more content on this site and an "About Us" page seemed gratifying enough. So now you know and because you know I have to say, "Fuck you!"
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